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Our Mares

Watchin Spyder Skip

2000 AQHA Perlino Mare: Spyder is an amazing mare in every aspect. She was never broke to ride due to an injury at an early age, but she has produced nothing but versatile foals. Spyder's greatest assets are her extremely even temperament and her brick-house build, both of which she passes on to her foals. Spyder is EE, AA, CRCR, which means every sporthorse foal she gives us will be buckskin. Her foals with AQHA sires have all been 15.2+. The buckskin foal on our home page is her first Friesian Sporthorse foal (2019). We cannot wait to see what he becomes! Spyder is taking a year off for 2020, but will be bred to our FHANA stallion for a 2021 buckskin foal. If you have interest in being on a notification list for this foal, we have one started! We will be happy to add you to it!

Plaudit's Red Sparkler

2004 APHC Fewspot Mare: Kala recently came to us from The Wild J Ranch in Telluride, Colorado. Kala has produced both regsitered Appaloosa foals, as well as Friesian Sporthorse foals. Kala is homozygous for both the LP color gene AND the PATN1 gene responsible for making the leopard color pattern. This means she will produce something on the leopard spectrum EVERY time she is bred to a non LP stallion. She is very broke, being the type you can leave out for months, or even years, and pull her out and hop on. Kala's strengths are her extremely mild disposition and willingness, as well as her very animated movement. She is currently IN FOAL to FHH Friesian Stallion, Asher of Satin for an April 2020 Leopard Friesian Sporthorse foal. If you have interest in being added to the notification list for this foal, just let us know! Two of the photos below were taken at The Wild J Ranch, where Kala joined us from. 

Peppy Got Roses

2016 Red Dun Roan AQHA mare: Allie joined us 2 years ago. I wasn't really looking to add a mare at that time, but you don't run across mares like her, often. She has the size, disposition, and build that we look for in our program. She is still young, but should mature around 15.3. She is broke to ride as is a fantastic mount. She is super quiet and was such a quick learner. We look for Allie to offer plenty of frame and muscling, and believe she will pass her personable disposition on to her foals. We also have a great chance at dun, roan, or both! Allie is IN FOAL to FHH Friesian Stallion Asher of Satin for a July 2020 foal. We simply cannot WAIT to see this one. We may keep this foal if it is a filly. It just depends on circumstances when the time comes!


2007 Red Dun AQHA Mare. Sweet Pea is an absolute tank. She is that old, classic AQHA all-around mare. She could win a halter class, if fitted up, but is very athletic and has energy to burn. This mare is quick on her feet. I could see her being just fine in cutting/working cow, or even speed events. It doesn't hurt a thing that she is red dun. She stands just shy of 15 hands tall and is just about as wide. She is broke to ride and is FUN to ride. Sweet Pea is heavy in foal to Red Roan stallion, Kissin The Girls. My heart skips a beat just typing that. This foal is going to be exquisite. We really need to price it but I already don't want to! She is due May 17, 2021!

KK Kool Ashwood Breez

2007 Cream Champagne Dun APHA mare. Breez was one that we had to get creative to get here. We ran across her at a time that wasn't overly convenient, budget-wise, but you don't run across mares like her every day. This mare is quiet, laid back, and loves people more than she loves other horses. She will stand at the gate all day if she thinks that might ger her a scratch on the face or a few minutes of conversation. She is 15 hands tall and has more bone than any stock horse mare I've ever seen. Just everything about her is heavy and thick. She carries the cream gene, champagne, and dun, and has repeatedly put all three on several of her foals. We hope we can get so lucky as to have her do so with our Friesian boy!

With that said, Breez is IN FOAL to our FHANA stallion, Grayson Free Spirit for Valentine's Day 2022. I believe her foals would be fantastic for carriage driving, as she has just about as much frame and bone to her as the Friesian sire will. Also, with both parents having very people friendly and quiet dispositions, this is one that could just be that fairytale trail partner for life. Below are a couple of photos of her, as well as one of her typical foals off a solid stallion. Of course this foal will be black based with our stallion being EE. We feel so blessed to have her!

Nevaehs Rowdy Raven

2012 Black Overo APHA mare. Sophie is joining our broodmare band, but will be living with my trail buddy and partner in crime! I ran across her and hated to let her get away, because I'm fond of her older lines. She is heavy Skipper W, Sonny Dee Bar, a touch of Hancock, and some running blood. Aside from her older, lines, she is such a shapey mare. She has a beautiful head and neck that will cross beautifully with our Grayson! She is also very, very sweet and smart. I didn't really have room for another mare, so Cindy offered to work out a lease with me so we could get her! Where there is a will, there is a way! We will be breeding Sophie in late April/ early May to our FHANA Friesian Stallion, Grayson Free Spirit, for a 2021 foal foal!

Cowgirls Reign Maker

2013 Grulla APHA Overo mare. Reign was one that caught our attention. The pics we have on hand are winter photos and do not really show her lovely shade of grulla. We will update these photos once she fully sheds. I have always been a sucker for the odd face markings on a pretty dun horse. She has gained quite a bit of weight since the photos were taken and is just a lovely mare. She is on the smaller size, so her foals may not be quite as big for those not looking for a monster! She has had one foal, and it was a loud dun framed overo. She is IN FOAL to our FHANA stallion, Grayson Free Spirit for an October 2021 foal! It don't want to wish this summer away, but I'm pretty excited about this foal. 

Shalako Melody

2018 Black Fewspot APHC filly: Deja is a future broodmare. We added she and her younger, full sister, Piper to replace some of our older mares, when they retire out. I have been a fan of past foals out of the dam of these two and she was retired this year. Deja has a beautiful, long neck, which I cannot wait to see in her future foals. She also has very animated movement and neck/head carriage. I believe her sporthorse foals will be FULL of style and grace. Being fewspot, she cannot produce a solid foal. Our foals out of Deja will range from black varnished roans to black full leopards. We are happy to have her in the line-up for our future. She will be bred as a 3 year old (in 2021) to FHANA Frieisian Stallion, Grayson Free Spirit!

Shalako Twilight

2019 Black Homozygous Fewspot APHC filly: Piper is also a future broodmare. We added she and her older, full sister, Deja, to replace some of our older mares, when they retire out. I have been a fan of past foals out of the dam of these two and she was retired this year. While Piper is still too young to narrow down her personal strengths, we can already add that she is very, very personable, even keel, and easy to work with. One way that Piper differs from Deja is that she is homozygous for both the LP color gene AND the PATN1 leopard producing gene. Every sporthorse foal Piper produces for us, in the future, will be somewhere on the leopard spectrum and will be BLACK. She will be bred as a 3 year old (in 2022) to FHANA Frieisian Stallion, Grayson Free Spirit! All Photos below were taken by Piper's breeder, Lisa, at Palisade's Appaloosas.

Skipa Star Spirit

2019 Fewspot ApHC mare. Spirit is homozygous for both LP and PATN1. Like Kala and Piper, she guarantees us a foal on the leopard spectrum every time she is crossed with a solid stallion. Spirit is on of my favorites here on the farm. She is so loving and quiet, and she is BIG. At almost 2 years old she is a bit over 15.1. We have loved Spirit since she was born, but missed the chance to get her at that point. However, the lady who did get her was unable to keep her, so we jumped at the opportunity to have her. She was fed VERY well in that home and we feel like she may have done a lot of her growing early. We do not anticipate her getting much taller, and that okay! She is also very thick for a young filly. She has a nice wide chest and all the hip you could want. She will only get better as she matures. We look very forward to 2022, when we can breed her to our FHANA stallion for a leopard foal! The baby photo below is from her breeder at Palisades Appaloosas. 

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