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We have purchased a new farm with a large (180 foot) barn. We are currently in the process of building chicken coops, and will be offering the following breeds as growouts:

-Lavender Orpington

-Blue Orpington

-Chocolate Orpington

-Mauve Orpington

-Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

-Lavender Wyandotte

-Large Fowl Cochins

-Lavender Bantam Cochins

-Lavender Brahma

-Wheaten Ameraucana

-Wheaten Maran

-Jersey Giant

-Various lavender and wheaten Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers with crosses of Ameraucauna, Maran, Cochin, Orpington, and Brahma. Our goal is to produce some beautfully colored EE with muffs and feathered legs. We will add photos to this page as we are able to get them.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Our Blue laced reds are not hatchery lines. Our original birds were very expensive and came from North Dakota. We have noticed that many of the hatchery lines appear brassy. Our rooster and original hens are that lovely deep mahogony. We currently have some growouts that are just a few weeks away from being available. Below is a photo of our roo. We like to call him "Rodney." As the young birds continue to feather out, we will get some photos of them,

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